Detroit Event & Entertainment Center

Detroit Entertainment & Events Center

Owner: Olympia Development
Contractor: Barton Malow/Hunt
Location: Detroit, MI

The Joe Louis Arena located along the banks of the Detroit River has been the home of the 11 time Stanley Cup Champion Detroit Red Wings since 1979. The “Joe” replaced the Olympia Arena where the Detroit Red Wings had played since 1927. Just as the Olympia Arena was replaced by the Joe, the time has come for the Joe to be replaced by the new Detroit Events and Entertainment Center (DEEC). Located in downtown Detroit, this multi-purpose building is intended to become the new home for the Detroit Red Wings as well as a facility for hosting special events. The 785,000 square-foot development will seat 20,000 and is expected to open its doors in 2017. As a geotechnical construction contractor, Hardman Construction is building the temporary earth retaining system (TERS) around the main and practice ice arenas. The TERS is composed of four 40' tall retaining walls which span more than 1,700'. The TERS design combines augercast piles, tiebacks, and lagging. The augercast piles are installed a set distance apart, and lagging boards are used to span the space between piles. Each augercast pile is constructed by drilling a large diameter vertical hole. The hole is then filled with grout, and a steel Hbeam is installed in the hole. After a short period of time, the grout is removed from the face of the beams so the lagging can be installed. The TERS achieves its retaining strength by the use of tiebacks, which are a type of earth anchoring system. Although the schedule is tight and the construction process is complex, the project is on time. The TERS was started in May, 2015 and is expected to be completed in November, 2015.

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