Drilled Shafts are also referred to caissons, drilled piers, or bored piles, and consist of circular shafts of varying diameter, drilled to a predesignated depth, reinforced with a steel rebar cage, and filled with concrete. Drilled shaft foundations can support large loads and are typically used where here are large lateral loads or extremely large structures and foundation loads that transfer into the drilled shafts. Drilled shafts are used for bridge foundations, and other ancillary structure foundations such as sign cantilevers and trusses, and signal strain poles. Drilled shafts can be constructed in the dry, or in the wet, and can also include a steel casing.

Featured Project

Project Details

Hardman Construction mobilized to the Dow Corteva Plant in Harbor Beach Michigan in the fall of 2018 to install drilled shafts. Two different drilled shafts were required for the project at 780mm and 1180mm in diameter.  Temporary full-length casing was installed, a resteel cage was installed, and concrete was tremie poured prior to the casing being removed. The team overcame tough shaft locations across the site as well as heavy oversite among the Dow Plant Authority.

Due to a successful first project onsite, the team mobilized a second time in the spring of 2019 to install more drilled shafts inside the Dow Corteva Plant. Hardman continues to build strong new relationships using successful project performance and dedication to safety guidelines and schedule achievement.