Helical Piles are load bearing large steel shafts with helical flights attached that is typically installed using an excavator of equipment used for installation. Helical piles almost resemble a large steel screw that is twisted into the earth. Geotechnical reports are used to determine the torque conversion so the piles are installed to the correct pile capacity. Helical piles can be a good choice when the project needs to be completed quickly and without a large area to work in.

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Hardman Construction furnished and installed 143 helical piles for a new single-family residence on the east side of Reeds Lake. Piles were installed to support column footings and grade beams of the building foundation. Pile design capacity was 16 kip and 26 kip with pile depths between 24 and 51 feet deep. This was a very tight residential site with a foundation that filled most of the available site area. Dewatering within the excavated foundation area proved challenging. The design called for the grade beams and footings and thus the pile tops to be installed just above the water table. This was desired to minimize build-up of the site to meet the new first floor elevation, but also be established comfortably above the 100-year flood plain. Unfortunately, this resulted in pile installation under very wet muddy conditions. The total project took about 9 days to complete.