MDOT Bidding List

ITEM # Plus Description

Letting Date: 11/05/2021


Item 2111 009

Bridge reconstruction of two structures with 36-inch prestressed concrete I beams, hot mix asphalt cold milling and resurfacing, water main relocation and approach work on M-90 over Mills Creek and Black River in the city of Croswell, Sanilac County. This project includes a 2-year concrete surface coating warranty.

Required DBE Participation: 5.00%


Item 2111 028

Bridge reconstruction includes superstructure replacement, substructure repairs, riprap, guardrail, and approach work on M-140 over Paw Paw Lake Outlet, Berrien County.

Required DBE Participation: 4.00%


Item 2111 057

Structure reconstruction includes a precast concrete three-sided culvert and approach work on Loma Farms Road (County Road KE) over Big Garlic River, Crawford County. This is a Local Agency project.

Required DBE Participation: 0%


We are seeking DBE quotations for subcontract work for the following MDOT work classifications:

B – Concrete Pavement

Ba – Concrete Pavement Patching and Widening

Cb – Plant-Mix/Hot Mix Asph/Bituminous Paving

Ea – Grading/Drainage Struct/Aggreg. Const.

Fb – Structural Steel

H – Landscape

I – Seeding/Sodding/Turf Establishment

J – Misc. Concrete

K – Sewer/Watermains

L – Electrical

N2- Clearing

N3 – Pavement Marking

N4 – Bridge Painting

N6 – Permanent Signs

N7 – Waterproofing

N93C – Pavements – Concrete Sawing

N96L – General – Guardrail

N96M – General Fence

RJ – Trucking Heavy Construction Material


Plans and proposals for projects are available at:

Submit Quotes by fax to 231-845-0422 or by email to Please clearly note on quote the seven-digit bid item number and project description.

Quotes are due by Friday 11/05/2021 at 8:00 am. Quotes received after 8am on bid day may not be accepted.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss this project further please contact us at 231-845-1236.