MDOT Bidding List

ITEM # Plus Description

Letting Date: 12/02/2022


Item 221202 001

Description: Bridge reconstruction with 17 inch prestressed concrete box beams and approach work on Trent Road over Crockery Creek and Blackmer Road over Rio Grande Creek, Muskegon County. This is a Local Agency project.

Required DBE Participation: 4.00%


Item 221202 014

Description: Bridge reconstruction including removal and replacement and approach work on US-31BR over the Black Creek in the city of Norton Shores, Muskegon County.

Required DBE Participation: 6.00%


Item 221202 016

Description: Bridge rehabilitation and reconstruction including deck replacement, widening, deep overlay, steel repairs, partial paint, pier, abutment, beam end and substructure repairs, barrier replacement, full depth deck repairs, removal and replacement and approach work on I-96 over M-99, Washington Street, Billwood Highway and the Grand River in the city of Lansing, Ingham County. This project includes a 2 year concrete surface coating warranty, a 2 year bridge coating warranty, and a 5 year material and workmanship concrete pavement warranty. This is an OJT VIP Pilot Project. Please see Special Provision for Preparation and Consideration of Bids on On-the-Job-Training Voluntary Incentive Program Projects.

Required DBE Participation: 5.00%


Item 221202 064

Description: Bridge rehabilitation including superstructure replacement with steel beams and approach work on North Cass Street over Boardman River and South Union Street over Boardman River in the city of Traverse City, Grand Traverse County. This is a Local Agency project.

Required DBE Participation: 0.00%



We are seeking DBE quotations for subcontract work for the following MDOT work classifications. All DBE companies are welcome to send quotes no matter what the classification.

B – Concrete Pavement

Ba – Concrete Pavement Patching and Widening

Cb – Plant-Mix/Hot Mix Asph/Bituminous Paving

Ea – Grading/Drainage Struct/Aggreg. Const.

Fb – Structural Steel

H – Landscape

I – Seeding/Sodding/Turf Establishment

J – Misc. Concrete

K – Sewer/Watermains

L – Electrical

N2- Clearing

N3 – Pavement Marking

N4 – Bridge Painting

N6 – Permanent Signs

N7 – Waterproofing

N93C – Pavements – Concrete Sawing

N95E – General Rail Salvage

N96L – General – Guardrail

N96M – General Fence

RJ – Trucking Heavy Construction Material

SCS – Surveying: Construction Staking


Plans and proposals for projects are available at:

Submit Quotes by fax to 231-845-0422 or by email to Please clearly note on quote the seven-digit bid item number and project description.

Quotes are due by Friday 12/02/2022 at 8:00 am. Quotes received after 8am on bid day may not be accepted.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss this project further please contact us at 231-845-1236.