MDOT Bidding List

ITEM # Plus Description

Letting Date: 05/06/2022

Item 220506 018
8.83 mi of hot mix asphalt spot rehabilitation on the shoulder and lane as needed, construction of multiple hot mix asphalt crossovers and widening, concrete curb and gutter, culverts, sewer, drainage, guardrail, bridge rehabilitation to include 54 inch prestressed concrete I-beams, steel sheet piling and pavement markings on I-94 eastbound over Pipestone Road and along I-94 from west of Puetz Road east to west of Britain Avenue, Berrien County.
Required DBE Participation: 5.00%
Item 220506 028
Bridge reconstruction including one-span, 36-inch prestressed concrete bulb tee beams, cast-inplace concrete abutments, steel h-piles, cofferdams, culverts, sewer, drainage, concrete curb and gutter, bridge approach and pavement markings on Woodruff Road over Coldwater River, Isabella County. This is a Local Agency project.
Required DBE Participation: 0.00%
We are seeking DBE quotations for subcontract work for the following MDOT work classifications:
B – Concrete Pavement
Ba – Concrete Pavement Patching and Widening
Cb – Plant-Mix/Hot Mix Asph/Bituminous Paving
Ea – Grading/Drainage Struct/Aggreg. Const.
Fb – Structural Steel
H – Landscape
I – Seeding/Sodding/Turf Establishment
J – Misc. Concrete
K – Sewer/Watermains
L – Electrical
N2- Clearing
N3 – Pavement Marking
N4 – Bridge Painting
N6 – Permanent Signs
N7 – Waterproofing
N93C – Pavements – Concrete Sawing
N96L – General – Guardrail
N96M – General Fence
RJ – Trucking Heavy Construction Material
Plans and proposals for projects are available at:
Submit Quotes by fax to 231-845-0422 or by email to Please clearly note on quote the seven-digit bid item number and project description.
Quotes are due by Friday 05/06/2022 at 8:00 am. Quotes received after 8am on bid day may not be accepted.
If you have any questions or wish to discuss this project further please contact us at 231-845-1236.