Working on a construction site is one of the most dangerous occupations, yet is one of the most exciting.

At Hardman Construction, safety is our number one core value. If we cannot do it safe, we will not do it. We are continually striving to improve our processes to enhance our zero-injury culture and we are uncompromising in our efforts to create a safe work environment for all of our employees and subcontractors.

Safety doesn’t just happen; it is the result of a dedicated, proactive approach by everyone here at Hardman Construction.

Stretch & Flex Program

Our goal is to provide work-specific stretches to help our employees increase their overall flexibility and range of motion. These stretches will lengthen the muscle tissue, making the muscles less prone to trauma, tears, and other types of injuries. Our stretching program also helps muscles and tendons recover more quickly from job fatigue. Stretching and flexing before starting work each day increases flexibility, increases blood flow throughout the body, increases range of motion, gets muscles started and is a natural endorphin release that makes a person feel better, all while helping prevent or reduce injury.

Best-in-Class Safety Program

As a result of our commitment to safety, our Experience Modification and Incident Rates – rating systems used by insurers to gauge risk of on-site injuries – have historically beaten industry averages. Some of the key aspects we employ to achieve a zero-injury culture of preventing incidents include:

  • Commitments from all levels of the company that no job is so important it cannot be done safely
  • A vision that ZERO injuries is possible, with an emphasis on proactive measures
  • Creation of site-specific safety plans to address the risks of each project
  • Establishing Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) for each aspect of our projects
  • Daily pre-task safety planning of our work
  • Robust communication, understanding and awareness processes if an incident occurs
  • Thorough jobsite safety inspections conducted by all levels of the organization
  • Drug-Free Workplace: an employee under the influence of illegal drugs jeopardizes the safety of the whole team. To make sure we meet this goal, we have pre-employment, random and post-incident drug testing for all employees.
  • Employee Accountability: safety is the responsibility of all employees, so each employee is empowered to identify and correct unsafe conditions and to stop work if a situation poses risks to the health and safety of others.
  • Compliance: a key component to an effective safety program is understanding and complying with all applicable rules, regulations, laws, and contractual requirements.


We are a proud Member Contractor of ISNetworld.


  • Association of Union Constructors (TAUC) Thomas J. Reynolds Award for Construction Safety and Health 2016, 2017, 2018, 2020
  • National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) Committed to Crane Safety
  • National Safety Council Perfect Record Award
  • AGC of Michigan Outstanding Safety Performance Award – 2018, 2020, 2021
  • Pyramid Award
  • Archway Insurance Risk Control Award of Excellence
  • The International Association of Foundation Drilling, Outstanding Safety Award – Zero Lost Time 2018
  • The International Association of Foundation Drilling, Outstanding Safety Award – Total Incident Rate of Zero 2018